VPF Foams

VPF polyurethane foams are a highly differentiated and specialized foams manufactured through patented Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) technology. This unique technology gives the ability to make high performing, durable, super-soft or super-supportive polyurethane foams that enhance cushioning and comfort. They come in different firmnesses and weights. And to further meet the custom comfort characteristics, the manufacturer has also developed patented Surface Modification Technology (SMT).

Advantages of VPF

Traditionally, foam made in open tanks is susceptible to wide fluctuations in temperature, pressure and humidity that may cause foam density to fluctuate. VPF technology, on the other hand, is a controlled foam production process that uses an enclosed chamber where these variables are kept almost constant. These non-varying process conditions enables the manufacturer to manufacture foam cushioning products that feature an enhanced level of quality and consistency, run after run, independent of where they are produced.

VPF also allows for greater control over water level, which affects final product composition. Instead of increasing or decreasing the amounts of water, as is done in the traditional foaming process, VPF uses pressure to produce different densities and hardnesses of foam. This capability enhances the durability and compression resistance characteristics of VPF foams of similar density. VPF foams of lower density have been tested to perform at par or better than the traditional foams of higher density.

VPF Eliminates Odor

Additionally, the VPF process eliminates odor. Making VPF foams under vacuum conditions gives the product an extra opportunity to "breathe" when the pressure is equalized. Also the VPF process requires a lower amount of catalyst in the foaming process, thus giving off odor free water vapor as a by product.

VPF is very Green

Finally, VPF does not use any auxiliary blowing agents (A.B.A.s) normally required in the traditional foaming processes, making it more environmentally friendly. The emissions collected in the enclosed chamber are passed through carbon beds, trapping any harmful contaminants emitted during the conventional foaming process.

So strong is our belief in the enhanced performance and durability of the foams manufactured through the VPF process, that the manufacturer gives bedding manufactures and consumers warranties on the product’s performance–something previously unheard of in the foam supply industry.


High Resiliency

High Resiliency foams are highly engineered to outperform all other foams in terms of both resilience and feel. They do not have the flaws associated with latex, such as allergens and odor. High Resiliency foam is the most resilient and longest lasting material for mattresses or cushions that is known. It is considered to be the most supportive mattress material made. The consistency and high resilience of High Resiliency foams in mattresses provide a highly supportive and bouncy feel. High Resiliency foam sleeps cooler than most sleeping surfaces because it breathes and is designed not to reflect body heat in summer. High Resiliency foam comes in different firmnesses and weights.

Surface Modification Technology

Comfort and support characteristics vary with the height and weight of a person and customers normally demand individualized comfort and body support. Mattress manufacturers that are supposed to provide this comfort within their bedding lines, seek solutions from their foam suppliers. While most foam producers can do little to provide this support variability in the same layer of foam, The manufacturer’s patented Surface Modification Technology (SMT) provides the needed solution. With SMT, manufacturers can change the contours or profile of the foam surface to create varying levels of support characteristics or comfort zones for head, shoulders, back, hips and legs of the users.



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