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Mattress Toppers

First developed for use in hospitals to prevent pressure sores for patients confined to beds, TI32 convoluted mattress toppers allow the side of you against the mattress to have better circulation. This means you are comfortable in the same position longer and don't turn as often in your sleep allowing you a more peaceful and restful sleep. These pressure relieving pads also make a mattress, that is too firm, far more soft and luxurious while maintaining good firm support.

HIGH QUALITY Eggcrate Mattress Toppers
Mattress SizeSIZE 2"3"
27" x 76"
39" x 76"
54" x 76"
60" x 80"
72" x 84"

We also cut to size.

Don't be misled by lower quality convoluted eggcrate pads! Our eggcrates are made of true 1.8 lb. TI32 foam. Most other eggcrates are only 1.0 lb or 1.2 lb. The difference is the 1.8 lb. TI32 is far heavier, more resilient and bouncy which means it will hold its shape longer, hold up more weight, and not go flat for far longer.

They are cut full size (not smaller than your mattress) and are not crush-packed (which can affect resiliency). Ours are manufactured in this country without CFCs or PBDEs.

We also cut to size.

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