Clipper Sofas, Loveseats, Chairs, and Big Chairs

Clipper Loveseat Clipper Chair

CLIPPER LOVESEAT/Double bed ............ CLIPPER CHAIR/Cot size bed

Normal seating height and normal seating depth with pillows included.
They are comfortable and sit like a large sofa.

They all open to make a full length bed that is firm and thick.
The Loveseat makes a standard Double bed 54" x 76", and takes standard double fitted sheets.
The Big Chair makes a standard Twin bed, 39" x 76", that takes standard twin fitted sheets.
The Chair opens into a full length cot bed, 27" x 76" and uses flat sheets.

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Sofa To Bed

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Available in different fabrics. Our covers zipper off for cleaning.
Our Clippers are filled with very sturdy 1.8 lb density foam.

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